Chaparral Girls Lacrosse is a competitive high school lacrosse program that supports, growth, teamwork, leadership and character.

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Varsity Head Coach Jessica Barden: 

Jessica was a captain and All-American Lacrosse Player at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. She started playing the sport for the first time as a freshman in college but quickly learned that her basketball skills transitioned easily into the game of lacrosse and she has never looked back. 

Barden boasts a lengthy list of accomplishments and honors. Since 2002, she has held the head coach position of the four-time state champions, Chaparral Varsity Girls Lacrosse Club. In 2004, she founded and still manages AZ Girls Lacrosse, LLC, a league for girls in grades K-9. In addition to starting a program for the youth in 2004, she also founded Arizona Storm, Arizona's first and only post-collegiate team.  She co-founded Desert Heat, a competitive traveling team to help girls be exposed to more opportunities outside of Arizona and Pink Empowered a non-profit to help support players who need more assistance to play the game.

She has received other formal recognition, including the Women’s Sports Association Community Leader of the Year Award for 2006-2007 and the YWCA Tribute to Women Sports Leader Award in 2007. From 2004 to 2008, she was on the Executive Committee of the AGLA. She has served on the US Lacrosse Board of Directors and continues to serve on several on-going committees with USL. She also served on the Arizona Chapter US Lacrosse Board of Directors.

US Lacrosse recognized her with the 2010 Excellence in Growing the Game award. This award is for an individual who supports the US Lacrosse mission and vision, working effectively and tirelessly to develop lacrosse in a particular geographic area. She was also recently on the cover of the US Lacrosse Magazine in 2012 as "One of the Top 10 People Changing Youth Lacrosse Now."

"Knowing and working with Jessica reminds us why we do what we do at US Lacrosse," said Mary Cate Slay, US Lacrosse manager of youth development. "She embodies the spirit, honor and growth of this game for young women and is a natural leader for all who are lucky enough to work directly or indirectly with her. She has volunteered countless hours at the local and national levels and we are proud to add her name to the past decade of Youth Award recipients." 

"I am continually amazed at her enthusiasm and commitment to growing the sport in Arizona," said Marie Baca, US Lacrosse Arizona (former) chapter president. "While Jessica’s love and commitment to the game is evidenced on paper, nothing beats seeing the amazing interaction she has with players, parents and fellow lacrosse coaches." 



Performance & Therapy Coach Courtney Preston from Efficient Movement


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