Chaparral Girls Lacrosse is a high school competitive lacrosse program that supports, growth, teamwork, leadership and character.

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Chaparral Girls Lacrosse 2018

Super Bowl Square Fundraiser



The Super Bowl was created to give people something to bet on.  The squares below provide a great way to help Chaparral Lacrosse and make the Super Bowl interesting to the casual fan.

The grey squares will be assigned numbers 0-9 randomly for both the vertical and horizontal squares before the game.  If the last digit of the score matches your square at one of the 4 specified times, you win. 

Sell the squares for $20 each.  $100 winners will be determined at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter.  If your square matches the final score, you win $200.  You could win $500!

Please collect $20/square and have the square(s) below initialed by the buyer.  The master square will be brought to Cochise daily and updated on  If your chosen square conflicts with an existing square, the nearest empty square will be given to the buyer.  Bring the completed squares to practice or drop off at Kelly Hitchcock’s house by Feb 2nd.  A full poster of the squares will be displayed at on Feb 3rd (AKA Super Bowl Sunday)