Chaparral Girls Lacrosse is a competitive high school lacrosse program that supports, growth, teamwork, leadership and character.

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FAQ’s  (regarding registration, pre-season practices, etc.)


What is Pre-Season?

Pre-Season typically takes place between September and early January.  The official High School lacrosse season starts in mid-January. 

Pre-Season practice is an opportunity for our seasoned upperclassmen to display their leadership skills by planning practices that include warm-ups, conditioning, stick work and skills to meet various levels from entry to advanced.  These practice plans are reviewed and endorsed by our head coach Jessica Barden.  

Pre-season practices are not mandatory and will not effect your opportunity to try out.


How much does pre-season cost?

Pre-Season is typically free of charge as we do not want to hinder a curious player from giving lacrosse a try due to fees.  


Why is registration required for a free practice?

Registration is required so that our program will know who is attending and how to contact the participants.  This registration asks who needs to borrow equipment and includes consent forms that MUST be completed by an adult (a player may only complete these forms if they are currently 18 years of age or older (otherwise it must be completed by your guardian).


When are try-outs?

Try-outs are typically held following the annual LAXCON event, typically the 3rd week in January.

Try-outs are Tuesday through Friday with rosters being announced by the following Monday.  


Is there a separate registration and fee for try-outs?

Yes, you are required to register in order to try out and pay a fee.


Why do the registration forms need to be completed by an adult (age 18 or over)?

As a part of the Arizona Girls Lacrosse Association, that oversees ALL H.S. club program, we agree to abide by their policies and for insurance purposes a legal adult must complete all forms to participate in girls HS lacrosse in the state of Arizona.  


What is the required equipment to attend pre-season practice (once registered)?

Please remember to have the following items at each session:

1. Girls lacrosse stick*

2. Girls lacrosse goggles*

3. Mouthguard, colored (white is not acceptable, not just to protect those pretty teeth, but a tool for concussion prevention)

4. Reversible Chaparral pinnie (if you don't have one, please wear a white or red shirt or another reversible pinnie until you get one assigned to you)

*if you need to borrow a lacrosse stick or goggles, please indicate this at the time of registration.